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About the Team

The FSD student team Maverix was founded in 2010 as part of the student participation in the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition, short IMAV, and can build on years of experience. For this competition, it is necessary to complete specified missions fully automatically with unmanned aerial vehicles. For this, a variety of tasks from the areas of flight control, IT, flight performance and construction have to be solved.

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What are we looking for?

  • Students with an interest in unmanned aviation and / or in programming in the field of image recognition.
  • Students both with and without previous knowledge.

Possible areas of responsibility:

  • Development and automation of unmanned aerial systems.
  • Integration of sensors and actuators in unmanned flight systems.
  • Programming of image processing routines.

What can we offer:

  • Practical experience in handling unmanned flight systems.
  • Participation in the IMAV 2021 in Mexico.
  • Implementation of student theses.