Paper Plane Challenge in lecture "Introduction into Mechanical Engineering" in winter semester 2021/2022


This year, as part of the lecture "Introduction into Mechanical Engineering", there was again the paper plane challenge. Due to the pandemic situation in the last semester, the lecture could only be offered as an online lecture. This year, it was again possible to hold the lecture in person. Prof. Moormann, who holds the lecture as the Occupational Field Mentor for the Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering specialization, was particularly pleased to once again be in direct contact with the students.

The students should work alone or in small groups to produce an approximately 10 second video of their paper plane. The video should show the students and at least one flight segment of their paper plane.

Congratulations to Carina, Judith and Mayara for winning this year's paper plane challenge!

*** Video Papierfliegerchallenge ***