ILA 2022

Group Picture Copyright: © BAF  

The roar in the ears as the Eurofighter chases overhead and down the exhibition halls at the International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry. After a four-year break, the ILA was finally able to return to Berlin and attracted numerous visitors with its fascinating air shows and attractive exhibitors. This year, the FSD was among the exhibitors and had the opportunity to present the EULE research project. The project is funded by the BMDV (Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport) as part of the mFUND innovation initiative, so we were able to show our work and our flight system at the BMDV's joint booth.

In the EULE research project, the safe transport of urgent medical goods is realised by automated, unmanned aerial vehicles. Medical goods such as tissue samples are transported between laboratories, hospitals and medical facilities. Research aspects include, in particular, data handling in the course of the automated integration of the transports into the infrastructure of the hospitals and laboratories, as well as safe integration into the airspace. Testing is to take place in the Rhenish mining area and in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine border region.

The visitors were particularly fascinated by our suspended flight system. It has the ability to tilt its wings so that it can take off and land vertically and hover, but at the same time it can also fly efficiently over a wide area. This allows it to fly long transport routes of up to 100 km. The project was very well received by visitors, and the sustainable approach in particular was praised by many. On the days of the fair, we had some interesting conversations with visitors who support the project technologically or in terms of content or who would like to use the EULE (flight) system.