DHL Parcelcopter 2.0

  DHL Parcelcopter Copyright: © DHL

Research campaign in the Northsea: Norddeich to Juist



  • implementation of the fully automatic flying DHL parcelcopter, incl. Start and Landing
  • distance of 12 kilometres requires operation beyond visual line of sight
  • to supply the pharmacy of Juist with urgently needed medicines
  • regular basis, serving real needs over a period of 3 months

Based on the safe and highly reliable Microdrones MD4-1000, the DHL Parcelcopter was adapted and optimized to be operated beyond visual line of sight in the harsh North Sea weather conditions.

  Copyright: © FSD


  • Improving navigational accuracy for precise automatic take-off and landing
  • Incorporating safety concepts and emergency landing into the autopilot
  • Improving Control algorithms for enhanced performance and enhanced robustness
  • Integrating Longe Range modules with redundant base stations

The permit to fly was granted by the following German authorities

  • Lower Saxony's Ministry for Economics, Labor and Transport
  • German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
  • Air Traffic Management: DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
  • National Park Wadden Sea

RWTH press release 2014