Modeling & Simulation



Tobias Ostermann

Research Associate


+49 241 80 96517



The Institute of Flight System Dynamics has many years of experience in modeling, simulation and parameter identification of flight systems. Research has been conducted on many conventional aircrafts like fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, multicopters, rockets as well as unconventional aircrafts like tiltwing, tailsitter, para-UAV, ornithopter. The tools available allow the development of high quality aircraft models in remarkably short time. The separate submodels, for example aerodynamics, propulsion, sensors, can be validated during experiments in the wind tunnel, using different test benches or in free flight. Advanced system identification techniques may be applied to further enhance the models.

The generated flight system models are used to design controllers and automatisation algorithms. Those are then verified in an in-house developed simulation environment. A ground control station can be interfaced with the simulation to test UAV operations and train ground personnel. Real aircraft components can be integrated in a Hardware-in-the-loop simulation to carry out realistic trials in the lab. The simulated flight can be visualized using a variety of commercial and in-house developed software.