VTOL port

  VROL port Copyright: © FSD

The Institute has a free flight test platform on the roof on the building for carrying out flight tests. The experimental setup allows fast and safe experiments with real weather conditions.

  Location of VTOL port Copyright: © FSD

Technical data:

  • Size: 6,5x4,5x3,5 meter cubed
  • Cut-resistant enclosing for safe operation of propeller-powered UAS
  • Height: 30 meters enables very good availability of GPS signals in urban area
  • Lighting for test preparation and execution in darkness
  • Equipped with 4 high resolution cameras for recording flight tests from different angles

The VTOLport is used for the following experiments:

  • Sensor test bench

    • GPS & sensor data fusion

    • Influence of weather conditions on the UAS

  • Flight tests of VTOL-capable aircraft

    • Automated take-off and landing procedures


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