Roadmap project UAM MAHHL 2018 Copyright: © Aachen City 2018  

In September 2018 the five cities Maastricht, Aachen, Hasselt, Heerlen and Liege, short MAHHL, joined the "Urban Air Mobility"- Initiative together in the aachen center charlemage.

The objectives of the Urban Air Mobility Initiative across the MAHHL cities consider better transport and logistical connections within the region aswell as better connections to cross regional transport hubs with the use drones and Air Taxis. While following these goals the initiative will strengthen and improve cross border cooperation and the use of the named technologies in the medical section.

A roadmap considering the inclusion of the mobility plans within the cross border region of the different aircrafts has been created at the official kick-off-event. The map focusses on the inclusion of UAS in rescue missions, transport of medical goods aswell as transporting medical specialists.

The Institute of Flight System Dynamics currently works on many projects according to the roadmap. One already finished project is GrenzFlug, where in cooperation with the city of aachen, the first fully automated cross border rescue mission has alrerady been performed recently. Currently further projects for supporting rescue workers within the region are VISION and FALKE. The project SafirMed which started in December 2020 focusses on transporting medical goods.