IMAV 2018

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In November 2018 our Team MAVerix successfully took part at the IMAV 2018 competition in Melbourne, Australia.



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The team selected several competition events to take part in, and was able to successfully complete all selected mission items. The IMAV Team 2018 successfully deployed their aircraft to autonomously create a map of the entire search area. From this map, all required hidden objects were identified and located. The aircraft also autonomously dropped its First Aid payload within 5 meters of an injured missing person – giving Team MAVerix points for the closest drop! All the while, the entire mission was broadcast in real-time back to a large screen for audiences to enjoy.

A secondary mission required the deployment of a Maverix near groundlevel to locate three hidden metal objects. The Team MAVerix was able to identify and locate all three buried objects by using a self-developed metal detector under a Maverix aircraft. This metal detector was then dragged over the surface with the aid of a laser based height controll. In doing so, Team MAVerix 2018 won first place in the “Treasure Hunt” event.

It was also the first time the Team Maverix presented their new MAVerix Version to the public. The new aircraft features an maintenance-friendly, aerodynamically optimized wing and fuselage, with the possibility of attaching additional external batteries or instrumentation payload.


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