Teaching at FSD



The schedule of offered courses can be found on RWTHonline. You can find corresponding material in dedicated course rooms.



Winter Semester

  • Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics

  • Automatic Flight Control

  • Space Flight Dynamics II

  • Simulator-based Flight Training

  • Flight Mechanical Design of a MAV

Summer Semester

  • Flight Dynamics

  • Flight Guidance

  • Space Flight Dynamics I

  • Flight Mechanics Laboratory (incl. Flight Test)

  • Simulator based Flight Training II


Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available at UniCopy, Augustinerbach 12


Content of Teaching

Flight Dynamics

  • Fundamentals in terms, coordinate systems, forces and moments
  • Static Longitudinal Motion
  • Static Lateral Motion with yaw motion, roll motion, couplings, stability and control
  • Static Flight, for example curve flight, sideslip and one-engine flight
  • Equations of Motion
  • Dynamics of Longitudinal Motion with system characteristics, command behaviour and disturbance behaviour
  • Dynamics of Lateral Motion with system characteristics, command behaviour and disturbance behaviour
  • Flying Qualities Requirements

Automatic Flight Control

  • Fundamentals in definitions, design goals and design methods
  • Elements of the Flight Control Loop
  • Tasks and Structure of Flight Control Loops
  • Control to improve of handling qualities for example dampers, attitude controllers etc.
  • Trajectory Controllers for example altitude controller, speed controller etc.
  • Flight Guidance/Mission Control
  • Extension of Flight Envelope, for exampl load alleviation, structural mode damping etc.
  • Realisation Aspects
  • Examples of Flight Control Systems

Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics

  • Physics
  • Performance
  • Handling Qualities
  • Automatic Flight Control
  • Flight Tests
  • Flight Guidance

Space Flight Dynamics I

  • Solar System, Planets
  • Definitions
  • Basic Laws
  • 2-Body Problem
  • Earth's Gravitational Field
  • Ballistic Trajectories
  • Escape and Capture Orbits
  • Transition Orbits
  • Swing-by-Manoeuvres
  • Interplanetary Orbit Design

Space Flight Dynamics II

  • Multi Body Problem
  • Sphere of Influence
  • 3-Body System
  • Calculation of Orbits
  • Performance Calculations
  • Ascending Orbits und Launch Window
  • Rotational Motion
  • Attitude Control

Flight Mechanics Laboratory *)

  • Flight tests with a one-engined sports airplane at Aachen-Merzbrück airfield and in the flight simulator
  • Demonstration of flight characteristics and stability
  • Determination of flight performance
  • Determination of different influences on flight behaviour and performance
  • Demonstration of navigation and landing

Simulator-based Flight Training *)

  • Conveying of basic knowledge in piloting an airplane
  • Reproduction of important flight mechanical motions
  • Demonstration of Flight Characteristics and Stability Behaviour
  • Performing of simulated flights with radio navigation tasks and ILS landing approaches
  • Demonstration of effects caused by environmental conditions and system failures

Flight Mechanical Design of a MAV *)

  • Performing a complete design for a MAV including first flight
  • Preliminary design within the tutorial
  • Detailed calculations with numerical tools
  • 6 Degree of Freedom simulation of the design
  • Generation of engineering drawings
  • Demonstration Flight

*) The marked courses are supported by student fees. Contact person for the application of student fees at the Chair of Flight System Dynamics is Dr.-Ing. N. Siepenkötter. Further information regarding the application of student fees in the faculty of mechanical engineering can be found on the web pages of the faculty.