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Interconnected, integrated UAS based data acquisition and processing for support of authorities and organizations with security tasks. Note: The aircrafts design can differ from the original and can still be changed


Overview and objectives

A prerequisite for high efficiency of operations of authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) is a quick and thorough assessment of the situation. Aerial data provides valuable additional information for a thorough assessment. For data acquisition unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are already widely used. For an effective use of the UAS through BOS though, automatic operation as well as full automation from data acquisition to data preparation and visualization has to be given. Additionally the UAS have to be safely integrated into public airspace while operated beyond visual line of sight.
Aim of this project is the realization of a system to enable BOS task forces to use UAS more easily with distinct advantages. All UAS are incorporated completely into the data net of the respective tasks force. Additionally an UAS traffic management system is set up to integrate UAS into public airspace. This system supports collision free operation of different airspace users. For data transfer mobile network is used. Data processing and distribution is realized by a cloud-based solution. Additional focus of the project lies on onboard collision avoidance, connectivity of the UAS, automated data acquisition and integration into end user processes.

Role of the FSD

Within VISION the Institute of Flight System Dynamics, FSD, focusses on mission control, the authorization process, connectivity and gnss-denied navigation of the UAS. Important is the operation beyond visual line of sight. Additionally the institute collaborates with flyXdrive GmbH regarding further automatization of the UAS and the development of collision avoidance systems.

Project Duration

October 2018 - December 2021



Video interview about the project Vision