Free flight wind tunnel tests for parameter identification

Nowack, Jan; Alles, Wolfgang

Aachen : Publikationsserver der RWTH Aachen University (2009)
Conference Presentation

In: VSDIA 2008 : 11th MINI Conference on Vehicle System Dynamics, Identification and Anomalies ; Budapest, Hungary 10-12 November, 2008


The Chair of Flight Dynamics at the RWTH Aachen University is conducting research on a method for identification of flight mechanical characteristics on free flying models in a wind tunnel. The main goal is to create a eproducible free flight environment for cost effective identification of important values even in an early design stage. The method will combine the advantages of free flight with wind tunnel techniques as it takes the free flight into a reproducible environment under laboratory conditions. The paper gives an overview of the project and provides insight into the work done so far.


  • Chair and Institute of Flight System Dynamics [415410]