Free Flight Equipment



Tobias Islam

Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 96519



The free flight equipment consists of a large number of different aircraft of various configurations. The automation of unmanned aerial vehicles ranges from multicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to unconventional motorized paragliders and tilt-wing aircraft of various sizes.


An important tool for identification and automation is an autopilot, which was developed at the institute. This uniform avionics platform meets the special requirements of the different flight platforms with various sensor inputs and a large number of actuator outputs. This allows an automated tool chain from simulation to controller.

  Version 2 and 3 of the autopilot Copyright: © FSD Version 2 and 3 of the autopilot

A specially developed navigation solution uses the available sensors to compensate for any failures and to always offer an optimal solution.
The flight tests are monitored and controlled via data link to the ground control station software. The operator is thus always able to monitor and vary the parameters of the autopilot. The GCS can visualize the aircraft’s status for mission control and be equipped with various maps.

  GCS Copyright: © FSD Ground Control Station