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Civil Safety Research

How can the populations safety be increased? How can modern digital solutions be uti­lized to develop strategies for civil safety? How can research aid emergency services in catastrophes to increase the rescuers safety and efficiency?

These and more questions have been the subjects of discussion at the FMER innovations forum on civil safety research from may 3rd to 4th 2022 at the Cafe Moskau in Berlin. Vari­ous talks and sessions let to the opportunity for experts from different fields to discuss cur­rent issues in the topic of civil safety research as well as to develop the research agenda for upcoming years.

Together with Docs in Clouds GmbH, University Medical Center Aachen and FlyXDrive GmbH, the FSD exhibited the FALKE project at the innovations forum. The aim of FALKE is to support rescue forces with an uav in the case of a mass causality incident. Besides FALKE, two more projects featuring the FSD have been presented. Namely LarusPro and FlutNetz. LarusPro uses an uav to support rescue forces for example in the case of a missing person in the open sea. The goal of FlutNetz is the integration of an uav into the rescue chain after a flood disaster in Bangladesh. In this scenario, the uav is supposed to transport import medication.

The potential of the FALKE drone was the subject of a demonstration of a simulated catas­trophe during the opening of the innovations forum. The uav was able to collect important information of the injured persons conditions while the emergency services were on their way. This offers the opportunity for the arriving forces to rescue the person with the highest de­gree of injuries first without categorizing all the other injured first.

Opportunities to look at other booths and poster to learn about other projects were given between the various talks and discussions.


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